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Three Things Thursday: Back at It

1. Today I went on what I consider to be my first training run for the next marathon cycle. Even though I don’t think I’m going to run it to my full potential, I’d still like to do the Eugene Marathon May 1 to “practice” running marathons. That being said, my run this morning was rough. I went with some of my favorite partners, and we did 3 miles at about 9:30 pace, but that pace was challenging, and I was huffing and puffing–and hurting–the whole way. Something tells me I shouldn’t have gone for a run 12 hours after my chiro worked over my entire upper right leg with the dreaded Graston. (I had banned Graston from my treatment plan, but desperate times call for desperate measures.)

2. I’ve joined DC Tri in the USA Triathlon National Club Challenge something something! It’s like all the contests bloggers have, except you only get points for swimming, biking, and running. And each month has a different focus: December is swim, January is bike, and February is run. I’m going to try to take advantage of the swim incentive and get my butt in the pool almost every day. And I need to start swimming less-embarrassing amounts of yardage. 800 meters isn’t going to win me any prizes.

3. Today I’m having a root canal, but tomorrow I leave for Key West!