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Random Friday Facts

1. I don’t have to work today!

2. I had 144 page views on Monday. That’s a lot for me (up from like 8). I have no idea why.

3. To steal a fact shamelessly from Emily, I used to–and still sometimes do–bite my nails. It’s anxiety based, and putting nasty-tasting stuff on my nails just made me chew harder and wonder what was on my nails. (And when I was in Portland last year this woman at a bar kept coming up to me and telling me how nasty and disgusting I was being biting my nails. Lady, making me uncomfortable is NOT the best way to get me to stop.)

4. I’ll tell you guys the Ben Folds story sometime, but rest assured I have seen Ben himself play many many times. Except I think his newest music blows. I have a lot of strong feelings on the subject.

5. I’m going to see Darren Jessee, the BF5 drummer, on Sunday night, if anyone wants to join me. The music is great, and last time he held he door for me!

6. I have no formal training whatsoever as an editor. I had no idea my job even existed until I landed it. But I love it–reading for 40 hours a week is a sweet gig.

7. I don’t know why I never went to law school though.

8. When I was a kid, I aspired to be a yuppie. True story. I’m pretty sure I’ve made it, law school or not.

9. I can’t sit through movies.

10. I can, however, sit through hours and hours of TV on DVD. I just need the breaks between episodes.

11. I’ve known how to crochet since I was a kid, and I’m learning how to knit (and won’t stop talking about it), but I think things made of yarn are ugly.

12. My cousin, who is five months younger than me, just had her third kid this morning. That blows my mind.

13. My sister and I never got along as kids. Now we’re besties.

14. If I could be any kitchen utensil, I would be a Ninja. Because I would be a ninja, plus I could make smoothies!

15. As I told Liz last week, I’ve never been a bridesmaid. I was a flower girl twice, but that was a looooooooong time ago. Never a bridesmaid, never a bride.

16. This is my 198th post. What should I do for my 200th?


Random Facts Friday

1. Everyone who has made a joke about the frequency of my posting is hilarious.

2. I TOLD you lake bacteria gets in your brain and makes you sick!

3. I didn’t mean for this blog to start off so surly.

4. I’m a perfectionist, which is good when you’re an editor,but  bad when you’re just trying to knit 9 damn blanket squares and get your life back! My knitting class was supposed to be over this week, but they added a 4th session for next week. I celebrated by ripping out an entire square. I messed up the first row, but I thought I could finish it quickly if I just kept going. Instead I just made several more mistakes and started over from nothing this morning.

5. I think I’ve developed a Pavlovian response to running after training for a marathon while hurt. I dread running anymore, even though when I do it, it’s really easy and fun, and I’m much faster than I have been recently. But I just always expect it to hurt so badly, so I never want to do it. I need to shake that off–Sunday is 12 weeks from the Richmond half.

6. I wish I had read this article more closely before coming into work today. No wonder there was no traffic coming in on the 11Y this morning.

7. I’m trying to hire an editorial assistant and having the worst luck. It’s super frustrating, and I’m also developing a Pavlovian response to reading crappy resumes…

8. I’m obsessed with real estate. I can spend hours on Redfin, even when there isn’t much there (like now, ahem, neighbors) and when I have no intention of moving.

9. I’m also obsessed with Thai food. I eat it twice a week, pretty much without fail. Mango and sticky rice is my kryptonite.

10. I’m going wine tasting this weekend! My sis and her friends bought a groupon for a limo ride out to some wineries. I look forward to drinking without running 13 miles first.

11. Werewolf is my absolute favorite party game ever. I get really into it–something about leading angry mobs to kill innocent people just resonates with me. I went to a Werewolf party once, and at the end of the night my face hurt from smiling so much.

Random Facts Friday

1. I need kind of mindless blog themes to allow me to post more often. It’s hard to be an editor all day and then come home and want to blog! So thanks for starting this, Katie!

2. I won a free knitting class and am currently spending all my free time trying to make squares for a blanket. I love the practice of knitting, but I don’t love the way yarn looks. I’m also uncomfortable with the gender norms of knitting, but I feel like it’s the most stereotypical female thing I do (well besides emotional blackmail) so it’s ok.

3. Actually the real most stereotypical female thing I do is obsess about my weight and body.

4. I’m going to the Slut Walk this weekend.

5. I’m obsessed with magazines. At one point I had to go through and cancel all my subscriptions because there were too many, and I was just throwing them away, but somehow that number has creeped back up. I currently subscribe to Bitch, Runners World, Running Times, Bicycling, Vegetarian Times, and Women’s Health (it came free with RW).

6. I think Bicycling is my favorite, because I have the most to learn from it.

7. The grossest thing I do is buy the premade egg salad from Whole Foods and eat it from the container. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who ever eats it, and it’s a little galling to pay $4.99 a pound for egg salad, but I hate touching mayonnaise and I’m lazy, so I do what I gotta do.

8. I only have 250 text messages a month and I routinely go over, but I’m waiting for Wes to come back to Verizon so we can BOTH have iPhones before I upgrade. In the meantime, if I don’t reply to your text, it’s because I’m way over and don’t think the message is worth 25 cents to send.

8. This is all I can think of. I’m still sick! But luckily my condo has a pool I can convalesce by on this beautiful day.