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Happy New Year

So it looks like I’m ending 2010 as I started it–injured. I’m getting an MRI done tonight because my orthopedist thinks that nagging pain in my right leg is an ischial tuberosity stress fracture. Nice. I guess that would explain how utterly f-ed up my leg was after the marathon and why a few weeks of rest didn’t help. He told me it takes THREE MONTHS to heal from one of those, but the marathon was two months ago, and while I wasn’t completely resting, I think I’m on my way. Mostly I’ll be relieved to finally know that something is wrong, that I haven’t just been feeling stupidly sore for nothing.

I’ll keep you posted on the injury status, but for now, here’s my year in pictures, an idea I ripped off from my bloggy twin, the other Liz.

Started the year in California! Ran part of the Carlsbad Half Marathon, because I was just getting over a strained calf.

In February, we got a ridiculous amount of snow. I went out to return a library book and win some socks from Pacers.

And I hit the bloggy big time by proclaiming my love for this ad.

(My new goal is to be healthy and ready to run this again this year!)


In March we had a lovely CAR dinner the night before the worst race of my life. (Not connected.)

In April I did some hiking (and packed on some pounds).

And I found the other love of my life (after Wes and running).

Oh, and don't forget the relay. April was a busy month.

In May I turned another year older, learned how to open water swim, and got serious about training again.

In June I met Mason Jennings! (That's not me in the picture.)

And I did my first triathlon. Without drowning!

In July I started taking ice baths. Brrrrrrrrrrr. I topped out at 40 pounds per bath.

In August I went to Oregon! Here are some pics I never posted...

wine tasting

Portland is the city of bridges.

In Seattle, I spied Kara Goucher across the street from my hotel!

Apparently I did nothing in September, but in October I went on some gorgeous runs in southern Virginia and North Carolina.

And I barely finished a marathon...possibly with a broken hip!

In November, I went to watch the NYC marathon and ran some of the course...but I don't have any pictures of that. In December, I came to terms with my new sport ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy New Year!


Got Marathon Advice?

Coach George does! George appeared on the DC Running Examiner’s blog today giving out some “wise words” about running and his excellent Capital Area Runners. He’ll also be speaking at Road Runner Sports in Falls Church on Wednesday at 7pm about running a marathon. RRS will also be offering 15% off their merchandise for all attendees–and that’s on top of their VIP discount.

So if you’re around, head out and meet George and then come run with us this marathon season!

I’ll be doing a swim workout in a 50 meter pool on Wednesday night, so I won’t be out there. But I’m excited to practice swimming a “long” way without the–literal and figurative–safety net of the wall so nearby.

I had an insane, jam-packed, training-filled weekend, so I’ll get up a post soon. But I’ve started marathon training now–on top of my last few weeks of tri training, so blogging time is at a premium ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Marathon Day!

At long last, TODAY is the New York Marathon lottery day! But it’s also the first day of registration forย  Marine Corps and Steamtown (or was that April 1? registration is already open for it, so who knows) so let’s just say that, one way or another, I’m registering for a marathon today!

Update: Marine Corps! I didn’t get in to NYC, so I went with the cheapest, most convenient option. Even though I swore I’d never do it again. Even though they have that stupid, fugly cotton shirt (coveted mock my ass). The fact is, MCM day is my favorite thing about living in DC, and running it is pretty awesome. Anyone else with me?

Inspiration Needed

It’s been a rough day. A far cry from the glory of yesterday.

For one, I’m at work. For two, my hips are sore from those two miles I ran! It’s pretty discouraging. Will I never run a marathon again?

At least that means I won’t be taking any more pictures like this…

Raise your hands if you're a huge dork!

But look at how skinny I was. Harrumph!

Welcome, Kat!

My old rugby friend (and one-time vodka buddy, oh God, that was a night) Kat has decided to run a marathon to get back into shape. She used to be one hell of a prop, but never much of a runner. I’m so excited she’s decided to come over to the dark side.

She’s starting a blog, so I just wanted to welcome her to the running world and officially add her to my blog roll and recommend her to my (few) readers. Her goal is the Lake Placid Marathon in June. Good luck, Kat!

(Everyone, please tell her how important it is to get fitted for shoes.)